The Greatest Hindrance

The Greatest Hindrance

In the quietest hour

when my soul is left alone with itself

when the hurricane of entertainment is left for tomorrow

And my heart is set on friendship

The River is before me, beside me, all around me

Tis then when the wastelands seem so distant

As beauty caves in on all sides

A melody emerges, a sweet aroma flutters by

The call to come forward is strong

Tis then when the heart leaps with anticipation

A longing to be nearer, closer, higher

And the mind gives in as the heart becomes the lead

For this is the moment that the search hoped to find

Yet in the midst of such company

A shackle of sorrow remains buckled, weighing down the worshiper

Arms heavy with the pains of yesterday

And the waves of love not felt crashes in like a scream

Wrecking the moment and again bruising the bruised

And the resolve to move forward fades like a fairytale

With the prince stuck in-between the pages of the book

And with a sigh, the highest heights are traded in for today

Compromised by a weary-weathered soul

And the resolve that maybe tomorrow’s travel will be different is received

Because the River keeps flowing and calling out

Until the cross abolishes what hinders the saint

For His word accomplishes what it was sent out to accomplish

And the promise for a future is secure   

Lift high the friendship of him who became flesh and dwelt among us

He will surely rescue us from our failures

and treat our pains and troubles with tenderness

The bride will be brilliant

And until our hindrances can hinder us no more

We will entrust him with our fragile, trodden soul.


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