The Great Weekend Adventure

The Great Weekend Adventure

Last weekend Jon and I embarked on a very intense, very exhilarating adventure.  After a few days of planning out our route and mentally preparing for all the unknowns and unexpected challenges we decided we were ready.  We awoke Saturday morning and fueled our bodies with a few cups of rich Hawaiian coffee and some classy cinnamon/sugar toast along with some vitamin supplements.  Jon shaved his neck and I pinned my hair into place, not knowing the next time we would be able to enjoy these kinds of luxuries.    We didn’t carry much with us, only a water bottle, knowing that any extras would likely weigh us down and could be easily lost if it fell into any large cracks or crevasses. 

The day was sunny and the bright rays helped make us hopeful as we set out together, just me and Jon, and Jon and me.  As we approached the starting point for our destination he told me that he wouldn’t want to be here with anyone else.  So I smiled and kissed his cheek lightly.  He grabbed my hand and with that, we were off.

As in anything, starting strong was a breeze because of our enthusiasm and caffeine-enhanced adrenaline.  My heart raced as found myself climbing over obstacles, leaping across dangerous ditches, and shimmying through tight spaces, all while continually contemplating my next move of attack. 

Jon was a good sport, seeing as this was mainly my hobby and passion, not his.  But like in any good marriage, he sought to find as much enjoyment in the experience as he could for compromise’s sake.  He said that simply watching me enjoy myself so much made it all worth it for him.  I knew I couldn’t do this alone, so I was thankful for his friendship and presence.  I knew that he would be my backbone during the next few days.

As the day wore on, Jon’s humor and playfulness helped keep our spirits light as we realized the daunting possibility that we may not reach our resting place by nightfall.  Despite all our thoughtful and strategic preparation, we had overestimated our ability to conquer so much in just one day.  I began to worry, so Jon began to sing.  We hummed a familiar tune as we continued on and Jon recalled a few sentimental stories from his younger years. 

While the longing to reach our destination loomed in the back of my mind, we did happen to come across all sorts of interesting discoveries along the way.  Some were familiar and others made me realize how easy it is to go through life without ever appreciating what’s around me.  Many things triggered all sorts of emotions and I wished that I could just bottle up the beauty of these discoveries to store away for a later day and time.

As the sun disappeared behind the ends of the earth, my heart sank.  I’ve never been good with disappointments.  And although we had made it so far, it was hard not to feel like we had failed.  But we did have a source of light with us, and so because Jon hates to see me disappointed, he said we could probably keep going for a few more hours before we’d have to retire for the night somewhere along the path.  My eyes flashed brightly as I sprang forward into the cooler, crisper night air. 

But alas, midnight came creeping around and we both decided to submit to nature’s clock.  It had been quite a day and at least we were in this together.  I slipped into bed and pulled the covers up to my nose before kissing Jon goodnight.  The spare bedroom would be clean and organized one day, but today was just not that day.


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