Bieber Swoons, Shares His Past With Giddy Girls

originally posted on SLO Tribune’s Blog:

Concert Review: Justin Bieber at the California Mid-State Fair

Today’s entry was written by guest blogger Erin Kidwell, who attended last night’s Justin Bieber show:

It took just under an hour going north on the 101 to get from San Luis Obispo to the first Paso Robles exit on Wednesday night, opening day of  the California Mid State Fair.  The fairgrounds buzzed with women, girls, tweens and the occasional misplaced male, rushing to the gates of the Grand Stand Arena to see none other than teen pop phenomenon, 16-year-old Justin Bieber.

The sold-out arena contained the mob of fans that dropped between $30-$75 per ticket, and a reported $4,000 to attend the meet-n-greet.  Girls with neon t-shirts and glittery neon poster board signs openly professing their love, or obsession, to the pop star enjoyed the first two opening acts: a girl group called The Stunners and an up-and-coming artist, 15-year-old Jessica Jarrell.

Along for the tour with Bieber was Sean Kingston, who brought his reggae fusion, hip-hop flair to the stage.  His high-energy performance kept those in the crowd with their hands in the air as he continuously encouraged the audience to jump along to his songs.

Bieber took the stage around 9 p.m.,  just as it turned dark, clothed in white pants and a white cargo jacket.  The ferris wheel and other carnival rides lit up the night sky and provided the romantic setting that stirred the hearts of young concert attendees.  Bieber opened with the song “Love Me” and performed other hit singles including “One Less Lonely Girl,” “One Time,” “Favorite Girl,” “Never Say Never,” “Down To Earth,” “Eenie Meenie,” and “Baby.”

Bieber’s fans didn’t seem too critical of his sometimes unpolished dance moves, reminding onlookers that the young prodigy became famous for his smooth, crooning voice, not necessarily his natural hip-hop dance ability.  Performing with him were four male back up dancers and a full live band.  His voice closely resembled recorded tracks from his album and he definitely performed to the girls in the audience, provoking them with invitations such as, “Where my beautiful girls at?” and “Who wants to be my baby?”

Bieber made a few costume changes throughout the night, displaying his Usher-influenced casual urban style.  A red, hooded zip-up sweatshirt, black jeans, and matching red high tops was just one of his looks.

Some of the show’s highlights included a picture slideshow of Bieber growing up and a video of home movies that showed a young Bieber dancing around in the kitchen, riding his bike and singing the ABC’s.  A public service announcement-type video featured Bieber encouraging his fans to not text and drive.

During the song “One Less Lonely Girl,” one lucky fan was seated on a stool center stage.  Bieber then handed her a dozen red roses and caused the audience of young girls to squeal in amazement as he carefully caressed her check while he sang to her.  Other awe factors included laser light effects and gold streamers that shot into the air during the encore song performance.

Overall, Bieber proved to be family friendly and highly entertaining.  He incorporated cool dance moves, catchy songs, and a variety of eye-catching movement on stage.  So whether you yourself have caught Bieber fever, watch out – this kid sure can draw a crowd.

Photo: McClatchy

Posted on July 23rd, 2010


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