Truth or Dare, Or Maybe Both

Some books give you that fuzzy, feel good all over feeling.  You know, the ones you read all snuggled up in a blanket on your favorite chair with some pistachios and a glass of wine in hand?  The ones that tell of romance and true love, that bring a deeper understanding about God’s grace and acceptance in our lives, and the kind that spur our hearts to dream magical and enchanting dreams.  The book I’m reading now is, unfortunately, not one of those books. 

I hesitantly cracked open the paperback book with the orange cover that my boss handed out to our entire staff at work two weeks ago.  About three pages in I felt like I was lying helpless on the floor, exposed, and hurting.  Big questions began floating around my mind, bumping into one another and my head began to hurt.  Sure makes you want to read this book, huh?  

This is not a book review because after sitting down at BlackHorse Espresso for forty-five minutes today on my lunch break I only made it through the first chapter and I am not sure I even want to continue reading.  I’m not sure I know how to answer the big questions and I’m not sure how to put literally anything from the first chapter into action.  However, just like in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, once you know that there’s something real on the other side of the wardrobe, it’s impossible to continue playing hide-n-seek in the house pretending that you aren’t at least curious about what’s on the other side.

 But enough suspense already.  The book published last year is called “Radical” by David Platt and the subtitle states: “Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream”.  I told you, this is not a fuzzy kind of book.  Yet the reason I trust what is written on the pages of this book is that it is a message that has increasingly emerged from small and humble pulpits around America over the past few decades.  It is also a topic that my favorite preacher Paul Washer has passionately and respectfully been yelling at people for most of his ministry.  And like this book points out, the most convincing and gut wrenching reason why I should care about this is because the tough words I’m being laid out on the floor by are not those of David Platt but they are the unblemished, unbiased, swear your life on it, truthful words of Jesus Christ himself.

 So send me a card, buy me a latte or maybe just read the book along with me because I’m in need of some TLC as I let the words of Jesus rip apart my perfectly outfitted American Dream life.  I pray I have the strength to not fight back too hard and to let him have his way in me.

I want the truth and I’m daring to try and find it.  Are you?


Click to see the You Tube book trailer for “Radical”

Click here to buy the book or submit your email address to receive the first chapter of the book for free


3 thoughts on “Truth or Dare, Or Maybe Both

  1. Erin, I will be reading this with you:) A friend loaned it to me and I have been trying to gain the courage to read it! Just know you are not in the fetal position alone, friend:)

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