Two Must-See Documentaries

This past week I watched two eye-opening, must-see documenataries thanks to my $12 a month subscription to Netflix.  Love Netflix.

The two documentaries I watched were The Business of Being Born (2007) and Food Inc (2009).  Both on totally different topics, but both incredibly good. 

The Business of Being Born is a beautiful, refreshing take on childbirth that I would recommend to any mom-to-be or anyone who knows a mom-to-be.  While Food Inc is relevant to anyone and everyone who eats because it’s interesting how we eat food at least three times a day (or hourly if you’re more like me) yet we rarely stop to think about how it got to our plates or in those cute little wrappers.  

However, just to be fair I would say that The Business of Being Born is just one way of viewing childbirth and Food Inc has a slant towards promoting organic-only foods.  Yet I still found the information presented to be interesting and relevant and I still recommend it.   

So check out the movie trailers below and then curl up with some hot tea and enjoy the films… 


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