The Perfect Face Powder

This week I realized I was running low on face powder.  Bummer.  This purchase usually sets me back $30-$40 at Sephora.

But just my luck, this week I was reading the latest edition of Real Simple Magazine and I saw a short blurb about Coty Airspun Powder on “The Guide/Beauty” page.  And the best part was this huge cansiter of face powder only cost $7!  Score!

So after work I hustled over to my local CVS to buy some.  They have about four different tones of face powder and they all come in cute canisters with a white powder puff just under the lid. 

This morning I tried it out for the first time and was pleasantly surprised.  The powder was lightweight and had a classic, powdery scent.  Definitely on the stronger side, but it smelled like you would expect a movie star from an old black & white film to smell like.  And best part for me, hours later my face still isn’t shiny! 

The quote from the magazine was right: “This finely milled setting powder, which has been making movie stars’ complexions flawless since 1935, is ‘perfect for shine-proofing the T-zone,’ says celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow.”  

Love it, hooked for life.


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