Random Act of Kindness

On Thursday Jon got one of his wisdom teeth out.  Yuck.  On the way home from his appointment we swung by Spencer’s grocery store to pick up some milk. 

I walked up to the check out line, put my milk on the conveyor belt and then said hi to the checker as I slid my card through the machine.  She was really friendly and she asked me if I was headed home right after this.  I said yes, a little confused about why she wanted to know. 

Then she reached down under the counter and pulled out a huge bouquet of flowers and handed them to me.  I think I asked her “why?” about ten times and the only answer she would give was that it was “just because.” 

I was so shocked of this woman’s Pay It Forward act that I walked out of the store beaming.  I kept wondering if they were from her personally or the store and why she had wanted to do that.  I was so excited to have fresh flowers for my apartment while I stayed home the rest of the day and Friday to mash up avacados for Jon to eat. 

My camera doesn’t really capture how pretty they are…mostly because I have a really low quality camera and am working on getting a better one.  But here they are!  So lovely! 


2 thoughts on “Random Act of Kindness

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