giving credit where credit is due

Okay, so let me be honest.  I didn’t start blogging until I got all inspired by a bunch of other blogs.  Typical.  In fact, until last year when I was constantly surfing the web for unique ideas for my wedding I think I still pictured blogs as being really weird and just some kind of glorified chat room.    

However, I finally came around and now my daily blog scoping is kind of a virtual coffee break with friends (and people who don’t actually know they’re my friends) where I get tips and all sorts of ideas that make my life more colorful and fun! 

Oh yeah, and I even got this idea of posting about other blogs…from another blog I read.  So I figured  I should highlight the other blogs I visit on a daily basis:

1. Celebrity Gospel.  This one is probably my favorite.  I love learning from people who are ahead of me in life and the author of this blog, Samantha Holland, is a wife, a mother, loves Jesus, and has, in my opinion, a great outlook on life and a witty sense of humor.  She blogs about her family, about crafts she’s made, easy recipes, and as the name of her blog would imply, she looks for traces of the gospel story is today’s pop culture movies and tv shows.  Love.  Also, thanks to Celebrity Gospel I started reading What I Wore, a personal style blog.    

2. Lemontree3.  As with Celebrity Gospel, I began reading this blog mainly because I knew the three girls who authored it from college at WSU.  But, after a few weeks in, Lemontree3 held my attention because I found the content to be really helpful and inspiring.  Two of the authors are recently married and the other is a mother of one, soon to be two so the relatability factor is right on. 

3. The DIY Showoff.  This site is phenominal if you are into doing crafty and innovative things to your home.  My favorite thing about this site it that it has links to TONS of other great DIY sites.  From the homepage click “Blog Library” to view them all.  So basically, it’s like the all-emcompassing DIY resource center.  And if you aren’t familiar with DIY, it stands for Do-It-Yourself.  (It took me a while to figure that one out.)  Only downfall about this site, if you’re anything like me it will make you want to throw out everything you own and renovate!


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