Apple Farm Inn

If you don’t live in San Luis Obispo and have access to the Apple Farm Inn bakery I am very, very sorry.

Today for one of my coworker’s birthdays we had pastries from the Apple Farm Inn Bakery brought into the office.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Specifically the cinnamon roll and the blueberry muffin were exceptionally good and dare I say, the best I’ve ever had!  Not to mention, it’s always nice to mix up birthday celebrations with something a little different.

I would post a picture of the delicious pastries but they were gone before I could grab my phone.  So, here’s the box they came in…

It reminded me too that the Apple Farm is a great place to grab breakfast, lunch or dinner.  My favorite dish may just be the meatloaf sandwich and as for dessert the apple bake thing is untouchable.   AND it’s my favorite local hotel to stay in.  Not that I get the chance to stay in local hotels very often, but earlier this year my work gave Jon and I a free night’s stay in one of the Millhouse rooms that includes a hot tub on the balcony.  It was like being on vacation in our own city.  So fun!

Ever since we stayed there I’ve been stashing $10 here and there so that we can go back, but lately with money being tight as Jon goes back to school at the end of this month we are trying to come up with some cheaper ways to spend quality time together without venturing out too far.

What special things do you do with your significant other for some quality time?


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