Married to a Skater Boy

About a month ago my husband mentioned to me that he wanted to get back into skating.  After I stopped teasing him about it he assured me that he was serious.  So last week we bought the shoes and yesterday we stopped by Skate Warehouse and made the big purchase.  When we got home Jon changed clothes and headed out to the parking lot outside.  I grabbed a Snickers bar and a Pepsi and planted myself on the curb to watch.  And it was actually really fun just watching him skate around.  Kind of reminded me of lazy summer days as a kid where you do stuff like skateboard and jump rope just because you have all the time in the world.  And I was surprised because he actually wasn’t half bad!

We happen to live in a cul de sac of various apartment complexes and small businesses with lots of parking lot space so I suppose Jon can skate around that until the neighbors start to complain about the noise. 

And in all honesty I think this whole skating thing is pretty cute.  I don’t plan on joining him but I’m happy to just watch and maybe once I get that nice camera that I’ve got my eye on I can take some cool action shots.


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