The Place For Fashion Advice

One thing that is unfortunate about living in this quaint little city on the California Coast is this:  the closest Nordstrom is approximately 2 hours away.  Good for my bank account, bad for my closet.

However I recently discovered that Nordstrom’s Junior section called BP started producing some great short videos online that feature some of the latest trends and advice on how to wear them.  The current videos include topics like Wearing Boots Year Round, Skirts Trends We Love, Interview Outfits and Perfect Casual Looks.

You can find these videos on the Junior’s page of the Nordstrom website.  Only caution: you need to be tolerant of people who speak fluent Laguna Beach.  (If you have ever seen Whitney Port from The Hills on TV you know exactly what I’m talking about.)

It’s a great resource if you’re like me and only manage to be fashion forward when you successfully copy someone else’s style.  Also, if you see something you like you can order it online from Nordstrom or take a mental note and try and find something similar for a better deal at Nordstrom Rack, Gap, Target, or a second-hand clothing store.

Happy watching!


2 thoughts on “The Place For Fashion Advice

  1. ohhh yes, bp videos- that are practically on a constant loop in that department- you’re right about the lingo.

    Another insider tip: If you want to order something, call a Nordstrom store and kindly ask if they could put in an order for you with the item number. If the total is over $25 or so, it’ll ship straight to your home for free, bypassing the online shipping charge. Your favorite Nordstrom employee, me, would be more than happy to do this for any of ya. 🙂

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