The New Look For Saturday Mornings

For a while now Saturday mornings have been the kind where we sleep in, sip our coffee a little slower, Jon does some paper reading while I do some coupon clipping and we simply enjoy the fact that have nowhere to rush off to.  I love this about Saturday mornings, but I also love the new agenda for them that began this weekend. 

To make a long story short I go to a church called Mercy Church in San Luis Obispo, California.  It’s great.  I have great friends there and it seems like people are always ready and willing to try something new in hopes that we might be able to show some people God’s love.  

So this weekend we began something new called Adopt-A-Block, a ministry idea that we adopted from a church serving L.A. called the Dream Center.  To put it very simply this activity consists of going to a specific block, but in our case a low-income apartment complex full of families and some student housing that is the temporary home to Cal Poly University students, knocking on their doors and then offering some ways that we can make their lives a little easier. 

In L.A. the Dream Center does everything from providing free babysitting, food and useful things like cribs or toothbrushes and they do it on a massive scale because at this point the city so appreciates what they’re doing for families that businesses all over town give stuff to the Dream Center so that they can continue to give it away to people in need.  Awesome. 

As for us in San Luis Obispo we are starting a bit smaller, this week offering a free bag of food to the families and some home-made cookies and scantrons to the college students.  But the challenge and the key to this ministry is that the point is to go back to that same block every single Saturday, knock on the same doors and continue to meet whatever needs we can while also continuing to build relationships with those people.  The commitment is long term. 

And it’s cool because in my heart this all lines up with the things God has been teaching me lately: Mostly that sometimes the things that feel like sacrifice, like giving up a relaxing Saturday morning in order to get out of my house and out of my comfort zone and into some people’s lives, isn’t really sacrifice at all but rather it’s the very purpose for which the Lord saved me.  It’s been a vast reality that I’ve been facing lately.  You know, trying to pull my head out of my own little life and troubles and worries and start living like I picture Jesus would want me to. 

So I think this is just the start.  And I’m excited to be sharing some of the great stories that emerge from these Saturday mornings.


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