Tea Anyone?

The other night Jon and I stopped by our neighbor’s apartment.  Nate and Mayra live four doors down from us and just had their first child a few months ago.  Nate works and goes to school and Mayra has Jon beat because she makes better homemade spicy salsa than anyone, including Jon.

We stopped by just to say hi and because earlier that evening in the parking lot Nate had told me that he had a box full of tea cups and saucers that used to belong to his mother that he said I could have if I liked them.  Few people know that I have a special place in my heart for mismatched China, especially since I’ve never owned any.  So these cups sent a love shock straight to that place in my heart.

When I opened the box Nate told me that he thought I’d like them because he knew I liked weird stuff like that.  And it’s true.  I think my taste balances on the fence between trendy and eclectic.  Occasionally I might even admit to “weird.”

So I’ve already been thinking about all the cute things I could do with these adorable tea cups.  The most obvious solution being to invite some friends over to drink tea out of them.  However, I’m thinking of claiming the white one with the tiny pink flowers as my official tea cup because it’s already by far my favorite one.

And luckily I just bought a box of Nilla Wafers in case I fail to make some kind of fancy treat that’s good with tea.  But speaking of that, what would you make to pair with tea?  I promise, my guests will appreciate your suggestions.


One thought on “Tea Anyone?

  1. Awww I’m sooo glad u love them we don’t think ur weird we thing ur vintage shabby chic lol I love love ur style just don’t have the touch u on the other hand r wonderful at it!

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