Alright, so today I did it.  I stopped by the American Red Cross offices and by the Dollar Tree to stock up on emergency supplies and I think I went slightly overboard.  The Kidwells are now not only prepared for a California earthquake but for the unlikely but possible flood, hurricane or Dante’s Peak all hell breaks loose scenario. 

There’s been rumors floating around the past few days that California is due for it’s own mega-quake.  I’m not sure what I think about the rumors, but I do remember sitting in Geology 101 during my senior year of college, yes, my senior year, listening to my professor passionately express that California is one of the worst possible places you could live geologically because of the fault lines and therefore earthquake probabilities and so on.

But two months after graduating I moved to the Central Coast of California because I was sure God was telling me to.  So I’m trusting in God because I know He is sovereign.  However I do know that I’m not guaranteed a safe and serene life so like many of my friends and neighbors have been doing in the past few days, I’m deciding to get prepared just to be safe and so that if anything actually were to happen, I would hopefully be in the position to be able to help care for others.

So, our house and car are now packed with water, canned food and plenty of other essential and nonessential survival items.  I hope I never need to use them.


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