Mellow Monday

This is my first Monday night in a while without The Bachelor.  When the last season began my Monday nights were transformed into my re-coup evening of the week because my weekends have a history of quickly becoming overly full of things to do and with many weeknights carrying a similar load, Mondays were the evening that I claimed for “nothingness.”  I watched The Bachelor, maybe painted my nails, took a bath and sometimes enjoyed a glass of sparkling white wine while occasionally texting my closet Bachelor friends about what was happening.  (And yes, there’s a handful of you, you know who you are, that love the show too but refuse to publicly confess it.  I forgive you.)

So tonight, I was looking for some way to unwind and spend my time.  So I turned to the bottle.  Of hair color, of course.  Last week I starting noticing my roots and yesterday I started despising them.  So today was the day.

After work I stopped by Sally Beauty Supply to buy the hair color; the only acceptable place to buy hair color according to my hair dresser.  Bless her heart, she told me about how Sally Beauty sells the same quality of hair color that they use in the salon but for a fraction of the price if you’re willing to take on the task of coloring it yourself.  And like many of us know, the boxed stuff they sell in grocery stores and places like Rite Aid aren’t good for your hair so you really shouldn’t use it, ever.

So tonight my loving husband once again agreed to color my hair, a miracle, considering that last time we almost ran out of dye because I didn’t know I needed to buy two bottles, which resulted in me crying through most of the process.  Not fun for anybody. 

But tonight went much smoother and thanks to Jon’s input I am back to a darker hue.  So here’s what I used:

Loreal Preference permanent hair color in “Chocolate.”  Last time I dyed my hair  I used the same brand but colored it “Dark Auburn,” which was a bit lighter and more of an orangy-undertone.   

  Before I started I mixed this Volume 10 Hair Developer by Ion with the dye in a 1:1 ratio. 

Then I let it sit.  I was a bit too lazy to blowdry it out so that I could take an “after shot,” but seeing as my NEW CAMERA is scheduled to arrive tomorrow I will plan on posting an after picture soon.


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