Meet “Lola”

At the beginning of this year Jon and I had the great idea of saving our money in hopes of purchasing a nice, smaller, used SUV sometime around summertime.  With him going back to school our schedules threatened to oppose each other and having another vehicle on hand seemed more convenient than sharing our one car.  However, after looking into how much school was actually going to cost, we realized that the nice idea of paying for school and a new car at the same time really wasn’t gonna happen. 

So with the money I had already set aside, we figured what better to do with it than buy a new camera!  With Jon in school I would need some kind of hobby to keep myself busy, and hey, a camera seemed like a great option!  So without further ado, meet my new companion, Lola. 

Jon and I took pictures last night of my new spring blouse from Target.  I thought it would be cool to see how much detail this camera would capture.  I love the texture on this blouse.  It feels pretty and vintage.  The sweater is from Gap. 

Here’s my handsome husband.  I managed to snap a few shots of him with a “nice smile” which is rare.  For some reason 90% of the time he has his eyes closed or a painful looking smile in pictures, but in real life his smile is always cute. 

Here’s to many more adventures with my new friend, Lola!


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