New Everything

Week one of Jon-goes-back-to-school is quickly coming to a close.  He likes Cal Poly.  Cal Poly likes him.  It’s all good.

I have spent my week working odd hours during the radio station’s semi-annual fundraising drive.  I wake up at 4:30am, head to work by 5:30, take a four hour lunch break in the middle of the day, and then head back to work until 6:30pm.  Afterwards, I head home to watch an epidsode of Lost to relax.  Well, kind of of, because I’m only on episode 5 and so far Lost is awesome, but it isn’t the most relaxing show.  Then once the clock strikes 9:00pm I try to convince my body that it’s really midnight so that I can go to sleep.  So since nothing feels normal this week I suppose it makes it easier to embrace all the changes happening.

However, the four hour lunch breaks couldn’t have come at a better time.  I have been using them as my opportunity to also make my way over to Cal Poly.  Why?  Because speaking of “new,” I am starting a new group called New Images.  It’s something God put on my heart last year, but it took me a while to follow through with my plans.  Why again?  Because I didn’t know if anyone would come…and that scared me.  And then I mustered up a little bit of faith and I became afraid that too many people would come…and that also scared me.  And now I don’t know what to expect, but I do know that God has prompted me to do this.  So I’m gonna “walk the pipeline.”

One of my all-time favorite sermons is called Rescue The Dying and it’s by a man named Ron Hutchcraft.  I’ve never been able to find it online, but I do have an mp3 version of it so if you would like me to email it to you,  just let me know.  In short, he talks about how in order to reach the best “views” or high points with God, we must take risks, face our fears and basically “walk the pipeline”, which is a beam that stretches across a dangerous crevass.  He also illustrates how as Christians we are in a metaphorical lifeboat (gotta love Titanic references) and we must go back for those who are still in the water.

And that’s what I’m attempting to do.  God has brought me through a lot, and yet I need to remember those who still may be struggling.  After embracing my life, my security in Christ, and my healing, I need to turn my lifeboat around and go back to fill it with souls.

I had a great revelation yesterday, by the way.  I read chapter  5 in Radical.  I felt silly and relieved.  I wished I would have read chapter 5 sooner.  But regardless, I was relieved because I was reminded of the simplicity of what God is really asking me to do: regardless of where I live, whether I work or I’m a full-time mom, and whatever my life circumstances, as a follower of Jesus my job is to make disciples of all nations.  How?  By giving away my life, my love, my time, my money, my friendship, and the Word of God to those around me.  Simple.  Well, impossible in my own strength and efforts, but simple and possible with the Holy Spirit.

I don’t need a fancy approach.  I don’t need a new strategy all the time.  Because there’s nothing new under the sun.  I just need to live out the simple truths that I know.  Sometimes I think I get consumed with what I need to do for God, rather than living a rich life, full of love and with room for other people.  Six years ago I got the word “Grace” tatooed on my left wrist, and a lot of times it serves as a reminder to chill out, embrace where God has me right now, and search for that ever-so-precious state: contentment.

So anyway, with this New Images group I’m praying: Lord, please run this group.  Do what you want with it.  I’ll show up, but let this come out of a place in my heart that isn’t full of anxiety or approval,  just love for you and other people.   

So, like I mentioned,  I’ve been showing up to campus to pass out flyers in hopes that they might fall into the right hands.  And when I’m done, I’ve been meeting up with my cute husband in the UU so that I can drive him across town to work.  I recently bought him some new clothes.  I think they make him look young, hip and like every other guy walking around campus.  I didn’t want him to look married and 27, but in my opinion he’s sportin’ married and 23…okay maybe 24.


One thought on “New Everything

  1. Erin I love it. And i love you. My favorite quote from this blog is “Sometimes I think I get consumed with what I need to do for God, rather than living a rich life, full of love and with room for other people.” I love the peace and rest in which you are approaching this new adventure, with open hands and an open heart to be used by God. I love your heart and I know you will be a great friend to many new people as you trust God and step out. You are wonderful. Excited to hear how it goes!

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