Do Not Despise These Small Beginnings


Last night was the launch date for New Images, the support group/Bible study focused on helping women at Cal Poly overcome issues of body image and eating disorders.  I showed up, but unfortunately nobody else did. 

I really didn’t know what to expect going into last night.  I was prepared to lead a group, but wondered who would have the guts to respond to the flyers.  It’s a quite a large leap for someone to admit to themselves that they need help and then even more of a leap to want to share that realization with other people; especially people you’ve never met before.  Hmm…should have taken that into consideration beforehand? 

So all in all, last night was a starting point, I believe.  Hopefully just a launching pad for new approaches. 

In fact, I think  I already have a new approach that includes developing a website over the summer and instead of inviting people to come to a group, the flyers would encourage people to visit the website.  From there, people could find all sorts of content, local resources and could choose to contact me if they wanted to personally meet up up to talk.  That might be a more comfortable road for people to walk. 

Anyway, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad that no one came.  There are so many people that I know would benefit from this, even just statistically speaking; people who are craving freedom from the burdens they carry.  However, last night  I was reminded of a scripture that proved reassuring,

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, (Zechariah 4:10)

So I won’t argue with that.


One thought on “Do Not Despise These Small Beginnings

  1. Erin, your dad and I think your website is a great idea. We have some additional suggestions if you are interested. Thinking of you…
    Love Carrie

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