Scented Nail Polish! YUM!

Thank you Revlon for making my fingers so happy, pretty…and scented!  Truth is, I can’t go to Walmart without buying about five things that were never on my list in the first place.  This is exactly what happened with last night’s trip, but luckily I emerged with one heck of a product!

Revlon just came out with a new line of SCENTED nail polish with colors and matching scents such as: Orange Pop, Cotton Candy, Sublime Strawberry, Beach, Pretty in Papaya, Ocean Breeze, Gum Drop, Grape Icy, Coconut Crush, Mon Cherry, Peach Smoothie, Raspberry Rapture, Mad About Mango, Bubble Gum, Not So Blueberry and Passionfruit.   Uh, YUM!


I bought the Cotton Candy and so far the scent is still going strong.  The girl at the check out counter told me she has one too and that the smell usually lasts about a week.  On top of that the polish goes on smooth and has good coverage with two coats.   


Kind of reminds me of a more grown-up version of this…


Oh, it’s the little things in life…


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