Conquering the Closet

The largest Spring Cleaning task looming over my head this week was the inevitable purge and reassembly of our bedroom closet.   After 10 months of living here, I am almost to the point now where I feel like our apartment is fully organized, whew! 

So last night while Jon was at class and then at cell group, I rolled up my sleeves, cleared my throat and marched right up to that rebellious bunch of cotton and polyester punks and said, “Excuse me, I will be in charge from now on.”  What followed was a violent, dog-eat-dog street fight over who would win this turf war and be crowned King of the Closet.  I will spare you the details and the profanity. 

These pictures were taken right before the fight broke out and all those unkempt t-shirts jumped out of the drawers and tackled me.  



Below is Jon’s “Junk Bucket.”  He says that every man he needs to have one place that his wife does not organize or seek to understand.  Most of it ends up being a collection of loose change and receipts, but he says it’s important.  So I will respect his request and the Junk Bucket.


However, I did not take it so easily on this pile of shoes…


The biggest surprise I found during this whole ordeal was the overwhelming amount of sweatshirts I owned.  The stack seemed quite large and unnecessary considering I live in a place that is 70-something almost year round.  But hey, I’m a Washington girl and I’m still deathly afraid of getting stuck somewhere in the cold without the proper attire. 


In order to organize everything I had to literally take everything out of the closet before I could begin the reconstructive process.  I also used Ginger Ale to replenish my body and the Katie Perry Pandora station to keep the party pumping as I wrestled extra plastic hangers to the ground and into a storage bag. 

And then, finally, the dust settled, and the champion emerged….

You may notice that the pictures below have a bit of a different “glow” to them.  That is because when I started it was still light outside and when I finished it most certainly was not. 




I ended up taking out the wire shoe rack and replaced it with this cascading bookshelf that I got at a yard sale a while back. 

I did not end up color-coordinating the closet but rather hung everything in categories: skirts, tanks, t-shirts, sweaters, button downs, sweatshirts, jackets.  My clothes are on the right and Jon’s are on the left. 


Also, I didn’t have enough white-only hangers to use in the whole closet, but I made sure to move the multi-colored ones to the sides of the closet for the coats and sweatshirts that I don’t use as often and kept the pretty white ones near the center. 


When it was all said and done we had one bag of throw-aways and three bags to donate.  And of course a lovely, organized closet!  Swell! 

And, like I promised, I didn’t mess with my man’s Junk Bucket.


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