In Honor of Holy Week

This morning I woke up and realized that this week is Holy Week.  The week leading up to Easter…wait..Easter?  Oh yes, Easter is this coming Sunday. 

Gosh, in all my busyness the past few weeks with Jon starting school and my reaction to it of feeling like I must become Suzy Housewife overnight, I didn’t really stop to think about the significance of this week.  Sure, I saw a few things on Facebook about Lent, most of which in my opinion were shallow excuses to jumpstart a summer diet by giving up chocolate for a month.  But like I said, I didn’t stop to think about the significance of this week until this morning. 

So with last week being my week of spring cleaning and my apartment being better because of it, this week, in honor of Holy Week, or more accurately in honor of my Lord and Savior, my aim is to reflect and gaze upon Christ, to examine myself according to the scriptures, to allow God’s Word access into my busy life, and to do my best to live out more fully the simplest, purest and most important command:  love God by loving others

And I know my soul, my attitude, and my quality of life will be better because of it.  Busyness of the soul is guaranteed soul destruction.  Probably why I feel quite beaten down the past few days.  Probably why I feel tired and disheartened and a lot of the other not-so-great things I’ve been feeling.  After this past week I can see that there’s nothing pretty about a busy soul; one that does not sit quietly before God. 

Paul Washer’s tweet this morning reminded me of this truth:

A godly life is not built in a day, a year, or a single event, but by the daily practice of prayer and renewing the mind in the Word of God.  Every day lost to busyness is a lost day!  Do not neglect prayer, the Word, the reading of good books.  Do not give good books the priority. 

Another good reminder came from a video produced by Resonate Church in Pullman, WA that repeatedly stated:

Prayer is not preparation for the greater work.  Prayer IS the greater work.

Let that sink in a little.  Wow. 

So it’s true that our lives may be unavoidably full of things to do, but if it isn’t producing godliness, holiness, goodness and beauty in our lives or in the world around us, it’s probably just getting in the way. 

So here’s to a week of soul rest, right priorities and reflection on the gift that Jesus Christ is to a weary world.  In honor of Holy Week.     

How do you honor or experience Holy Week?


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