Somethin’ women like about a pick-up mannn

When I met Jon he owned twelve pairs of the same Levi blue jeans, lots of white and random t-shirts, worn in brown work boots and he always wore the same camo baseball cap.  He drove a big black pick-up truck and listened to country music.  He liked fishing, camping and being outdoors.  And the guy could BBQ like it was nobody’s business.  It was practically love at first sight.

Over the past couple years he’s traded in most of his country clothing and all but one pair of his Levis have been replaced by Banana Republic or Express denim.  A lot of it has been influenced by me, but not all of it.  Some of the change has simply been for practical reasons having to do with the fact that we don’t live in the country, our apartment complex has no yard to work in or maintain, and sadly for Jon he has no garage to play in.  Plus we both currently work in business-casual office buildings.  I guess you tend to dress for your surroundings.

But today Jon spent the afternoon working on the brakes of our car.  And let me tell you, there is something just so incredibly attractive about a man who can get his hands dirty and fix stuff.  I’m not necessarily a country bumpkin myself, but I think that will always be my favorite side of Jon: when he’s dressed down, probably covered in dirt and sweat and working on some kind of “man-project.”  Or when we go exploring in the outdoors together.  I really like that too.

How in the world did I win the Man-Lotto? 



3 thoughts on “Somethin’ women like about a pick-up mannn

  1. You’re the best, Erin. I love your writing. And, yes, there is nothin’ quite the same as watchin’ a cutie-patootie workin’ on a ManProject. 🙂

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