Four Hour Vacation

About thirty minutes away from where we live sits the small, quaint coastal town of Cambria.  After a beautiful drive through green hills you reach the single-road downtown lined with antique-havens, local restaurants and gift shops.

Saturday afternoons have turned into four hour vacations for us (when we can) because after a busy week of work, school for Jon and day-to-day to-do lists, let’s face it, we need a few hours together away from our apartment and the pile of chores that demand our attention.

So, being the creatures of habit that we are, today when we returned to Cambria we did the exact same thing we did last time.

First, we visited Sandy’s Deli and Bakery: a small local place you could easily pass over without noticing.  However, I do recommend stopping by because in my bold opinion, they make thee best sandwiches around.  We both got the hot pastrami and split a coke.  Delish!


And this time, we found the friendliest ‘ol guitar player strumming away in the sandwich shop, playing some of his original tunes and a few classics like Bob Dylan’s “Blowin In the Wind.”  He told us that his wife usually plays alongside him, so we plan on coming back to see them as a duo.  And he gave me a hug when we got up to leave.


After having lunch we headed across the street to a local coffee shop stocked with leather couches and a balcony that overlooks the main road in Cambria.  Jon got a little shooting practice in before we sat down for some study time.  It’s never a dull moment with Jon.


Then on the way home we talked about Jon’s entrepreneurial goals and how it would be cool to retire in the next five years.  Ha!  It’s fun to dream.  Right now we are working on just taking everything one day at a time.


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