Oh Happy May!

It’s Mother’s Day today!  So happy day to all you moms out there!  Since our moms live far away in Washington and Colorado,  Jon and I  celebrated by spending a great morning at church followed by a trip to Costco to stock up on the essentials.  My most exciting purchase: Chocolate Cheerios!  So delicious and not too sweet!  You should get some.

And of course we called our mammas on the phone to tell them how much we love and appreciate them.

Remember when I posted about all those wonderful, crafty Mother’s Day gift ideas?  Ha, well let’s just say my mother’s day gift didn’t really go as planned.  Today I’m feeling very thankful that my mother has a great sense of humor because when I told her that the package full of specialty dark chocolate bars I bought for her had completely melted in my car when the day I planned to take it to the post office hit a high of 90 degrees – she just laughed.

So I’m currently working on a bigger, better project for her involving family photos that I will give to her at a later time.  I’d say more about it, but my mom is nice and she reads my blog.

Other than my Mother’s Day project Jon and I are gearing up for some big and exciting things during the month of May…

  • May 29th is our 1 year wedding anniversay!  Wow!  So we will finally be devoring the cake that’s been taking up half our freezer for the past year.  Definitely looking forward to that!
  • On May 28th Jon will be catering his first wedding for our friends Robbie and Michelle here in San Luis Obispo.  Actually as I type, Jon is out ‘n about price checking food at stores to prepare.  I’m sure I’ll be posting more about the prep and outcome of this exciting endeavor as the month goes on.
  • Next weekend we will be offically celebrating our anniversary with a mini-trip to a local getaway and dinner at Novo.  We’ve wanted to dine at Novo for the past 3 years now.  It’s one of the fanciest, best places to eat locally so I’m really, really excited!
  • And of course, Jon will be taking his first set of finals!  He really has been working so hard so it will be a great feeling of accomplishment for him to finish his first quarter of school.  Go Jon!

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