In Love With Love

Ever since yesterday when I mentioned that my one year wedding anniversary is coming up at the end of this month, I can’t seem to get my wedding, my husband and my anniversary off my brain.  However, it’s not a bad problem to have.  I like being sentimental and I’m thankful that the human race has figured out ways to celebrate mile-markers and significant events – helps you appreciate what you have.

So this morning I pulled out “The Book” that sits on Jon’s bedside table.  It’s a black leather journal I started writing to my future husband a couple months before I moved to San Luis Obispo.  For a while, the entries were written to that anonymous someone and eventually they started beginning with “Jon Dear,” once I was confident that Jon was the person I would marry.  I had to switch around the words because Dear John letters were not something I wanted to write.

And actually, I’m glad it all worked out because I think I jumped the gun and started writing the entries to Jon after only knowing him about 4 months.  Oops!  I ended up giving him the journal at a significant point in our relationship and I even included one passage out of the journal in my wedding vows.

This is the first picture we ever had taken together at the California Mid State Fair in 2008.  We were trying to look over the wall to catch a glimpse of Alan Jackson performing.  I wasn’t a big Alan Jackson fan at that point, but I did a good job of pretending. 

So with our anniversary coming up I decided to pull out the journal again and make an entry about year one of marriage.  My plan is to keep making entries at least once a year as long as I’m alive because I don’t think you can ever write enough love letters to your sweetie.

Actually, the inspiration for this journal initially came from reading the beautiful and compelling book by Elizabeth Elliot called Passion and Purity.  I read her book in college and was captivated by the unfolding love story between her and her husband-to-be who spent years and years only communicating through letters in the mail until the Lord’s timing was clear.  It’s probably one of the most romantic and moving books I’ve ever read, along with the novel Redeeming Love.

So this week I’ll be thinking about what I want to express to Jon in my year-one entry.  My goal is  to make him cry tears of joy, even though that’s pretty unlikely.

Along these same lines, I cannot wait to write to my children.  I’ve heard about women writing down a “birth story” for each child that they read to them each year on their birthdays.  It’s a story about the events leading up to that child’s grand entrance into the world.   How sweet is that?  A reminder of how much you were loved and adored even before you did anything, accomplished anything, or became anything.  You were loved just for being you!

I think birth stories are a great display of God’s love because whether our mothers wrote them down or not, God has each of our birth stories recorded.  Everything is significant to him and not only does he remember our birth, but he remembers when he formed us, why he formed us and he knows the days ahead.

Bah!  Anyway I gotta cut this post short or I’m gonna end up with baby fever again!!!


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