Real Men Sew Sweaters on Flower Print Couches


I think I have the cutest husband in the whole wide world!

A couple months ago I found the sweetest little peach sweater on Clearance at Old Navy.  It was only $2.89 because it had two little tiny holes in it; one in the front and one in the back.  So I bought it and a few weeks later the front side hole had grown.  I tried to stitch it up myself, but it looked ridiculous.  So Jon, being the Mr. Fix-It that he is, said he would take a crack at it.

And his stitching turned out pretty good!

After a few more weeks, the back hole had grown to about a nickel size, so once again I asked my amazing, manly husband if he would get out his sewing kit.

It took him a couple weeks to get around to it since he’s been busy with studying, but last night after dinner he sat down to do it.

We were in the middle of talking about something when he looked up and said, “I’m sitting on a flower couch sewing.  What does that make me?”

“I don’t know,” I said.

Then we went back to talking about whatever we were talking about before.

Oh and actually I just got this great couch for $15 last week at a thrift store!  I know, I know, we checked it out for bed bugs and rented one of those upholstery shampooers and spent Sunday afternoon shampooing it five times over.  (And I’m not sure why my camera keeps making all my pictures look yellow.  I really need to take a photography class or something.  The couch is actually off-white with pink and blue flowers.)

I had decided last week that we needed to rearrange our living room and replace one of the chairs with a couch to make the space more comfortable for having guests over.  Then the very next day I found this gem!

Jon didn’t really want us to get it for many good reasons, but I really liked it!

We may eventually get a slip cover for it, but for now I’m kind of digging the the whole retro-gramdma-shabby-chic look it’s got going on!  Now all we need is a sweet record player to put on a narrow table behind it (Jon’s idea) and we will be ready to entertain folks in our oh-so-hipster apartment.

I JUST learned what “hipster” meant a week ago.  How am I so behind the times???


2 thoughts on “Real Men Sew Sweaters on Flower Print Couches

  1. Erin! Love the post:) he loves you. You have plenty of things to think about…so I wanted to tell you that the yellow coloring has to do with the white balance of your camera. Look in your manual to see how to change the white balance to flash/ tungsten lighting & take a few more in your livingroom:) LOVE YOU!

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