Oh and by the way, I’m having a baby!


Welp, let it be known to the entire virtual world that I am having a baby!!!!!

I found out yesterday morning.

Jon found out a few hours later.

I couldn’t tell him right away because he woke up early to study for a big midterm that he needed to do well on.  I assumed that the news might send him into shock and he would flop his test.

So I picked him up from school at 11am and with my video camera in hand, I told him the news.

I might be sharing the reaction video if Jon will let me, but I need to check with him first.

It was not planned, but after a couple hours of the news settling in, we couldn’t be more thrilled!!!

We spent our free time yesterday calling our parents, family and some close friends to share the news.

And I can already say that my baby is blessed, we are blessed and there’s so much support and love surrounding this whole process.

I read Psalm 139 with a whole new perspective this morning.

And at least for a few days I’m just going to soak in this news before I try and figure out all of the things up ahead.


Crazy how everything can change in a day!


9 thoughts on “Oh and by the way, I’m having a baby!

  1. Congratulations Erin and Jon! We know the feeling of being surprised but God is so good! I’m rocking Noah right now as he sleeps and I am so thankful that God’s plan is better than mine.

  2. Oh Erin, congratulations!! The next phase of your life just started!!

    Advice: take one day at a time, enjoy every moment, get an epidural. 🙂

  3. What!?!?! NO WAY!!!! This mean I need to get preggo fast so our kids can be best friends together…crap I have to get married first…this could be difficult. Maybe I’ll just have to catch you on round two.

    Congratulations Erin!!! I’m so happy for you 🙂 (Wow, you’re gonna be a mommy!)

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