In the Past 50 Hours

Well, I’ve only known that I’m pregnant for about 50ish hours now.  It’s crazy how so much can happen in 50 hours when something important is going on.

Since I found out, I’ve bought some great Prenatal Vitamins from the natural food store in town.

I’ve talked on the phone with so many significant people in my life.  Feels a lot like getting engaged – everyone explodes with excitement as if I’ve won the lottery.  My friend Hannah told me that actually, I did.

I’ve avoided looking in my guest room – soon to be turned nursery.  After so many attempts to organize that space, it’s still a ridiculous mess where all our spare stuff gets tossed.  I have NO idea how I am going to create a nice space to put a crib, rocking chair and the essentials amongst our other stuff.  Maybe Jon will need to build a few more wall shelves or we will get a plastic storage shed for the back patio.  Or maybe I will just throw everything away.  That keeps crossing my mind.

Jon said that maybe he can build a cradle like the one that Locke built Claire on Lost.  We still love Lost and we are now on Season 3.  Season 3 is insane!

I have been reading every article on The Mommypotamus blog.  I actually started reading this about two weeks ago – go figure!  And every time I read something and begin to share with Jon his eyebrows practically scrape the ceiling.  Why?  Because Mommypotamus is very “natural” in her thinking.  But I like it!  So I continue to bring up interesting topics like home birth, natural foods, circumcision, and ultrasound practices to Jon and since he doesn’t have time to read all the articles right now, he just has to trust me and probably think that I’m a little bit crazy or hormonal.

I’m sure I’ll be posting a lot more on these key decisions I have to make as I go.  Probably because so many of my preconceived ideas are changing and it’s shocking, even to me.  I’ve always been a “take a pill to fix it” girl  whenever I experience any kind of ailment.  But not anymore!  I’m suddenly extremely aware of everything I’m putting into my body.  It’s pretty weird.  Beautiful and wonderful, but still kind of weird.

And I’ve been making sure to carve out time to have a REAL relationship with God.  I think I got very routine over the past couple months with everything going on and as a result stuff started to feel a little lousy, heavy and boring, and …blah!  So I’m taking this opportunity to get back on track because I can etiher go through this whole experience with God, or without.  And I’d rather go with God.

Last night I crawled into bed at 9:30pm – something I’ve done maybe a handful of times since elementary school.  Jon had to stay up late to study, but he came upstairs about twenty minutes later to “tuck me in.”  I’ve never heard him say he wants to “tuck me in” before, but last night as I was walking up the stairs on my way to bed he told me he’d be up in a while to do just that.  I guess he’s already feeling fatherly.  It’s really sweet.

And as he tucked me in, he said I looked so peaceful.  And honestly, I felt so peaceful.  I couldn’t really explain it, but I just felt so safe, so sure, so…peaceful.  I guess I still don’t really know how to explain it, but it’s just the sense that whatever is happening to me is so right and lovely in God’s eyes.  And I’m pretty sure that I had a little smile on my face all night as I layed there.  I didn’t really sleep all that much, but even just laying there awake felt great.  That never happens.  Ha, I’m so full of ooey-gooey emotions right now that I hardley recognize myself!

So hey, If you have any advice, tips, blog recommendations, product recommendations, etc. please send them my way!  Just leave me a comment because I can use all the help I can get!


5 thoughts on “In the Past 50 Hours

  1. I highly recommend cloth diapers. They are much healthier for babies, better for the environment and they cost less! You mentioned you were researching healthy options like natural foods, so I thought I would recommend this. The gel crystals in disposable diapers are the chemicals used to absorb everything, yet they are very unhealthy for babies. Let me know if you have questions, because I have researched and used both.

  2. Congrats to you two! I highly recommend a good prenatel yoga class and a seasoned certified Doula/Childbirth assistant who has attended both home and hospital births. These would be a good start in addition to watching the movie “The Business of Being Born”. Please feel free to e-mail any ?’s you may have, as I have attended many home and hospital births as a childbirth assistant in the past.
    Blessings on your new adventure, Anna

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