Homemade Pasta Gone Wrong

Don’t try this at home.  At least not my way.  It was a big ‘ol mess.

The bright side: homemade pasta is a brilliant idea and next week I plan on trying again!  Here’s what happened…

#1 – I watched this short, simple video about how to make pasta.  Very helpful.

#2 – I pulled out our lovely pasta maker: a generous wedding gift from Renee and Steven Kidwell.

#3 – I got out the other necessary ingredients: flour and eggs.  Ratio: 3 eggs per 1 pound of flour.

#4 – I dug a hole in the middle of my flour mound and cracked the eggs inside.  Next, like the video explains, you simply mix the eggs into the flour, then follow by kneeding the dough.  Here’s where I realized my mistake…

I found out the hard way that if you are going to substitute whole wheat flour for regular flour, you had better look up a seperate whole wheat recipe.  Apparently the two types of flour are not interchangable.  Bummer.  So I ended up first with dough that was so flaky and dry and I couldn’t even get it to stick together.  So I tried adding two more eggs: that just created a sticky, sticky mess. Grrr!

My “noodles” were more like shreds since i couldn’t even get the dough to a place where I could cut it into strips.  Not to mention, whole wheat pasta is kind of gross AND it clogged up my pasta machine.  In this recipe, they uses half whole wheat flour and half white flour.  That sounds like a happier, tastier outcome.

However, seeing as I was pretty hungry by the time I had failed my pasta mission, i still decided to throw the chunks into some boiling water and then I just ate it with some marinara sauce and basil leaves.  It was not delicious, but I suppose it did the trick.  Sorry Baby Kidwell, if you end up hating whole wheat pasta, I will understand why.

**Note:  you do NOT need a fancy pasta machine to make homemade pasta (althought it is nice).  Technically, all you need is a rolling pin.


One thought on “Homemade Pasta Gone Wrong

  1. well i made some yday using semolina flour, all purpose flour, eggs and olive oil and it was a disaster too! the dough was soo hard and it was so difficult to roll it out with my substitute rolling pin( glass bottle) I wouldn t attempt it again until i mayb get a pastamaker and mayb a different recipe!!! hope your next attempt will be more successful!

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