7 Weeks

It’s hard to know what to write about when my entire existence the past few days has centered around not throwing up.

Who really wants to hear about that???

Well no one.  But it’s all I have to talk about.

I’ve been trying lots of tricks that people have shared with me and I’ve come up with some of my own as well.  So far, the tricks that work the best for me include eating something in my bed in the mornings before I ever even get up, sipping on sparking water, always keeping something in my tummy and constantly sucking on Jolly Ranchers.  Jolly Ranchers are my friend right now.

In fact, on Saturday I plan to keep a few Jolly Ranchers in my fist at all times because I will be standing up front as a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding and I hope for everyone’s sake that I do not throw up at any point during the wedding.  I had one of those half awake/half asleep visions this morning where I saw myself puking right in the middle of their vows.  Awesome.  Nothing says everlasting love and romance like puke does.

It is a strange phenominon to despise the sight, the smell and the taste of food.  I’m just glad this part isn’t supposed to last very long.  I’m also very glad that I have the most supportive husband in the world who is willing to put other things on hold to take care of me.  He really is the best.

I got a very sweet message from my friend Jessica Stuhlmiller that really helped me “embrace” the way I’m feeling right now.  The message was longer, but I wanted to share my favorite part of what she wrote:

“You are the only woman God felt could love and care for this child the way it will require. He looked all over, and of all the women, you were the only perfect match. God not only knows that you are the mom this child needs, he knows EXACTLY what you will need to be a mom to this child. Already he is filling store houses with strength, joy, and grace for the moments, days and years ahead.”

Beautiful, right?

So if I seem to be a little sparse in my blogging these days, I hope you can understand why.  As soon as I have something worthwhile to write about, I will attempt to write it.

Actually, I still need to post some pictures from last weekend’s catering kick-off so I’ll try and do that soon!


4 thoughts on “7 Weeks

  1. Erin! I got your text. Don’t worry about not calling yet, I know how crazy life gets. I remember those days of not being able to handle the smells, sights or even thoughts of foods. If you are having a really hard time, I would totally recommend talking with your OB doctor about it. I worked at an OB office for a year and a half, and Zofran is an anti-nausea medicine that a lot of pregnant women take with a ton of success. I know you want to be very natural, so I understand if you don’t want to take it, but just a thought- just another post-it for you wall :). Either way, hang in there! You’re not doing anything wrong. Get lots of rest, don’t feel guilty, you’re at a tough spot right now physically. I love you!

    • Thanks Andrea! 🙂 I appreciate the advice! I could totally see you working with or around babies or pregnant women! I don’t know what you “specialize in” as a nurse or what you enjoy most but i think you would be so comforting and helpful to mothers and babies. Anyway, hope to talk soon! Praying for you and your little guy. And Grant too 🙂

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