Kidwell Catering Kick-Off

On May 28th Kidwell Catering made it’s debut!  The setting was a garden wedding at The Jack House in downtown San Luis Obispo where approximately 200 guests were served.  Thankfully, the Lord answered my prayers – I did not experience any morning sickness all the way up to and through the wedding so I was able to help make sure everything ran smoothly during the event.  However, the timing was almost comical because the very next day is when my morning sickness set in!  Crazy.

Overall the event was a success!  Of course in hindsight there are about 75 things I would have done differently if given the chance.  But hey, you live – you learn!  And next time we will be even more prepared.

Jon recruited our friend Jason (left) to be his “Grill-Master” (Jason also handled the meat at our wedding last year) and our friend David (right) helped with food all day as well.

In honor of the groom’s baseball career I created a themed snack table.

I managed to snap one still photo of this table, but the second shot is a more realistic depiction of what the day was actually like.  We battled intense wind all day that constantly knocked over champagne flutes and threatened to complicate our plans.

To accent the hors d’ oeuvres table I strung together bunting and spray painted a funky paper fan white that I had picked up at a thrift store.  Appetizers included cute little watermelon ball cups garnished with mint, crackers and brie, olives, caprese skewers and fresh out of the oven we served pigs in a blanket with spicy mustard for dipping.  I wish I would have snapped a photo of those cute little piggies!  They were super YUM!  And they went quick which is why I failed to capture them on film.

Another delicious appetizer guests enjoyed were the fresh Strawberry Cheesecake Bites.  Although this treat always breeds skepticism in the beginning, once people try this unlikely combination they tend to love it! 

Step 1 – Choose a strawberry

Step 2 – Dip it in the sour cream

Step 3 – Dip it in the brown sugar

And wow!  Experience the taste of strawberry cheesecake!  I know, I know it sounds strange, but don’t knock this one until you try it!  It’s perfect for a healthier summer treat and it always gets people talking.  **Use regular sour cream instead of light versions for the best outcome.

Something special about this day was the friends who offered to spend their entire Saturday doing food prep, serving AND clean up!  For FREE!  Maybe they think me and Jon are nice, but I attribute their generosity to Jesus Christ because I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to find many college students who are willing to spend 9+ hours on a Saturday doing hard work for no pay. 

So (from the left) Chris, Erik, Danielle and Brandon (also Ashley – not pictured) made this entire day possible thanks to their generous, joyful, servant-like hearts.  They also provided entertainment in the kitchen as they very passionately serenaded us all with Taylor Swift songs.  And no, suprisingly that was not Danielle’s idea.

We were also unaware that in addition to going to college and playing in a band, Brandon has a career as a food display model.  Seriously, is this magazine ad worthy or what?!

Again, thank you Brandon.  I feel like this could also work as an advertisement for going to the dentist.  “Thanks Doctor Kim for keeping my smile clean!”

Moving forward, for dinner we served:

  • Fresh baked bread
  • Spinach salad with fresh peaches, sliced almonds and Jon’s homemade poppy seed dressing
  • Pesto Pasta Salad with grape tomatoes
  • Barbaque Chicken and Tri Tip

**Everything was a Kidwell Catering original with the exception of the bread.  We bought the bread pre-made from Costco’s Bakery.

Again, I love our serving team!  They looked awesome!

So, spread the word!  Kidwell Catering is open for business!


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