The Search for Health, Nutrition & Balance

Pregnancy, naturally, has brought with it an increased interest in health and nutrition.  Which in turn, has also increased my interest in finding balance in my life.  Why?  Because what starts out as a responsible interest in making healthy choices can quickly become a burdensome chore if you try to build Rome in a day.  Especially when I’m not feeling the best.  So a few articles by Passionate Homemaking have been helping me find the right perspective.

So here are some of the thoughts and changes that have been taking place in the Kidwell household lately regarding natural living:

  • Previously I wrote about my experience with the book, The Maker’s Diet.  Jon and I are still trying to make small changes as we can.  Currently, we are attempting to scale way back on white flour by replacing it with alternatives such as gluten free pasta, rice, quinoa and naturally sprouted bread.  (I’m still not a big fan of the new breads yet).  However, this change seemed necessary because when we really looked at how much white flour we were eating – we were absolutely blown away!  Especially since white flour is not only void of nutrition or benefit to the body, but it is actually linked to a whole basketfull of health problems.

So with all this in mind, the Kidwells are shooting for a 70-30 model.  We do desire to live healthfully and make educated decisions about our food, yet we also believe in a bit of g0-with-the-flow!  So when we visit a friend’s house and they are serving non-natural beef hamburgers on white buns with pasta salad, are we going to partake?  You bet we are!  Because people and relationships are more important than always staying on track with certain goals.  Plus, we do have a soft spot for eating out at all kinds of drive-ins and dives!  Who can live without some food freedom and donuts every now and again!?  Not us.

So to us, 70-30 is a reasonable goal.  It basically means that when we grocery shop we shoot for natrual and organic foods (as long as our finances allow) and the rest of the time we just enjoy whatever is in front of us.  So far it is working pretty good and we realize that it’s been fun to try some new things like organic cereals and Kombucha…

  • I found out I LOVE a drink called Kombucha (fermented tea) that my friend Jessica Carroll told me about.  Kombucha is a detoxifier and can help with digestion due to the probiotics that put good bacteria back into your body.  I can only consume small amounts of it right now since I wasn’t already drinking it prior to pregnancy.  Bummer.  But it’s worth a try if you’ve never had it!  It smells a bit vinegary, but the taste is much better than the smell in my opinion.  It kind of tastes like sparkling apple cider with a twist!
  • I bought some Tom’s natural deodorant the other day to replace the lovely Dove anti-persperant I’ve been wearing for years.  Many researchers have linked anti-perstirants to breast cancer.  So far I’m feelin’ pretty fresh, although I will admit that the natural stuff doesn’t glide on as smoothly as the regular stuff.
  • The Mommypotamus convinced me to switch to natural sunscreen.  I haven’t actually bought it yet, but it’s on my shopping list.  The natural sunscreens tend to come in smaller bottles than your average Coppertone or Neutrogena bottle.  However, at the end of a summer I almost NEVER make it through a whole bottle – and then the extras sit around for a while before I decide to throw it out.  So all in all, I think my $10-$15 will likely go just as far as before.
  • Jon and I began watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on Hulu.  It’s really interesting.  Jamie Oliver, a world class chef from Britain, has a passion for revolutionizing the way America eats.  He’s one of those: “It can be healthy and still taste great!” advocates.  So he decides to start a revolution in Los Angeles (watch Season 2, Episode 1).  The show is educational and really entertaining seeing as Jamie is both passionate and over the top at times.  You can also catch the current season Friday nights at 9 on ABC.

Jon seems to have a lot of input nowadays when we watch this show and talk about agriculture in general.  One of his classes this quarter is called Soil Science so he has been learning all about the importance of soil health and how it effects the nutrition of food.  Honestly, I don’t think I would be that into all these natural food choices if it weren’t for him.

About 6 months ago, Jon was as anti-organic as a person could get.  He thought it was just a big marketing scam and he scoffed at the idea of embracing the Hug-a-tree, Save-the-earth movement.  I did too.  However, the more we learn about the science behind agriculture in America, the more we’ve become “believers” so to speak…Not in hugging trees, but in educating ourselves about the practices and realities about the food industry.

**P.S.  I enjoy sharing about the new things I’m learning in relation to nutrition and natural products, but I in no way think that my way is THEE WAY to go.  I know that loving, caring individuals make choices for themselves and their families based on careful thought, circumstances and what they believe in.  So my hope is that my thoughts may be inspiring in some way – not that they would be seen as prideful or superior to anyone else’s.




2 thoughts on “The Search for Health, Nutrition & Balance

  1. Inspiring for sure, it actually sparked a pregnancy nutrition study I saw a while back. The study was on how the “healthy” diets a pregnant woman chooses have been linked to obesity in children in our current times. The main find being woman who cut out carbs thinking they where doing a good thing actually more commonly had obese children. The reason for it being that the fetus did not receive an accurate ‘message’ of his soon to be environment. While being a fetus there were no such things as carbs so his body didn’t need to develop in a way to break apart and digest them. As a toddler and child the body that never digested carbs now has a carb intake and there was never any pre-exposer. I would have never guessed! I found it very interesting. I’m sure digging a little deeper into the study would reveal that the mothers’ diets were to the extreme but interesting nevertheless.

    Love reading about you being a responsible soon-to-be mommy! 🙂

    • Thanks Lena! That study sounds interesting. If you ever locate it again, I’d love to read it. It’s been fun to research and learn new things again – I think I miss college sometimes for that reason. I learn new things at my job but it all pertains to the same scope of things. I like branching out! 🙂

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