Top Ten List: Why Being Pregnant is Awesome

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Pictured: The adorable Jessica and Ted Stuhlmiller a few weeks before baby Daniel was born. 

Being pregnant could be described as a lot of different things.  Many descriptions revolve around the many (usually unpleasant) side effects that someone can experience including nausea, mood swings, fatigue, etc.  And yes, sometimes those things happen.  But today, my good friend Mendy sent me a nice message on Facebook saying she was thinking about all the wonderful benefits of pregnancy.  Mendy is the mother of two adorable children: Judah 2 years and Eden 9 weeks.  She is a great mom and not only that, she is very passionate about mothers, babies and children in general.  She is also someone who claims she LOVES being pregnant!

So thanks to Mendy’s inspiration, here are the top 10 reasons why being pregnant is AWESOME:

10.  There’s so much to dream and pray about.  Having a baby is the most important long term investment you can make!  So naturally there are so many great things you can do to prepare and build your excitement.  The Bible is full of amazing promises for families, women and children so that’s a great place to start finding hope for your little one’s amazing future.

9.  You lower your chances of breast cancer and cervical cancer.

8.  Longer, stronger hair and nails thanks to those fancy prenatal vitamins and increased nutrition!

7.  You might need to buy a bigger bra for the first time since high school.

6.  You take your body less seriously.  Especially in our culture where there is so much emphasis on a woman’s body looking a certain “ideal” way.  Women deal with pressure all the time to tone up and slim down.  But when you’re pregnant, you learn to take your body less seriously.  You learn to laugh a little bit more about all the strange and unsual things changing – because you can’t control them anyway!!  (And some of the changes are actually kind of cool!)

5.  You get to rest.  Sometimes in life we get used to being so productive and busy that we forget it’s important to take time to slow down and rest.  Being pregnant is a great motivation to actually take the time to listen to your body and give yourself some extra grace in how much you really need to get done in a day.

4.  You get to eat WHATEVER YOU “FEEL” LIKE!  Enough said.

3.  Compliments!  In fact, nine months of compliments!  I don’t think anyone (maybe other than a bride) gets more compliments than a pregnant woman.  “You look great!”  “You’re glowing!”  “You are the cutest pregnant lady!”  “Gosh, your baby is going to be cute!”  “You’re pregnant!?!? Congratulations!!!”  Who doesn’t love receiving compliments where ever they go?

2.  You become a friend-magnet.  For some reason everyone (family, friends and even strangers) become very interested in what is going on inside your belly.  Suddenly everyone wants to know how you’re feeling and what kinds of decisions you’ve been making recently.  Being pregnant is an instant conversation starter!

1.  At the end of the pregnancy you get to have your very own, one-of-a-kind BABY!!!  Wow!  And once you do, according to Mendy you get to enjoy acting like a kid again yourself as you spend time making funny faces, sound effects and running around with your little ones.  And of course, like mothers everywhere say, you learn that you can love someone more than you ever thought possible.  [happy sigh!]


4 thoughts on “Top Ten List: Why Being Pregnant is Awesome

  1. I loved being pregnant too! And I love this…especially the part about having an excuse to act like a kid again, make funny faces, and goofy sound effects. (as if I ever needed an excuse)

  2. Ok…this post is amazing first of all. Second thing is that I have a friend that is your friend Mendy’s SOUL MATE!!!! Her name is Kellyn and she loves childbirth & everything about it. Guess what?!? She is pregnant & if it is a boy his name will be Judah. If it is a girl her name will be Eden. No joke!!!!

    Glad to hear we have found similar amazing friends. And yes—you are amazingly beautiful & I love the conversations we’ve had because of it:) xoxo

  3. Hey Erin,
    I don’t know if you remember me or not, from WSU. Anyway I stumbled across your blog through facebook a little while back and have enjoyed reading it. You even inspired me to start back on my own. Anyway I just wanted to say I have really enjoyed reading about your pregnancy, you make me want to start thinking about having another one, especially after reading this list. My first baby is going to be 1 on July 2nd and the time has flown! So thanks for sharing and being positive, informative, open-minded, and honest. I think we can all do that more often.
    (I guess you were right about the friend-magnet thing, I just felt like I had to say something 🙂 Oh and it even gets worse after you have the baby. I have never had more random people come up and talk to me just because I have a baby…. but its awesome to show them off!) Enjoy it, and I wish you the best!
    Take Care,
    Deena Welch

    • Deena, yes I definitely remember you! I’ll have to check out your blog too!
      Thanks for all your kind feedback. and yeah, i can only imagine how strange/cool it gets once you actually have the baby. My friends tell me that when people talk to you they dont look at you anymore, but rather they just look at your baby. 🙂
      Anyway, it’s really good to hear from you,

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