Father’s Day Tradition – Pismo Beach Classic Car Show

This post is coming to you about a week late.  It took Jon a while to sort through the hundreds of pictures he took at the Pismo Beach Classic Car Show on Father’s Day Weekend.  He took SO many pictures, each time telling me what was special and unique about the car we were currently admiring.  After about 6, they all looked the same to me.

Jon has been going to this car show every year since he moved to the Central Coast seven years ago.  Last year was my first time going, but this year we went to celebrate Jon’s first official Father’s Day, so it was extra special.  Isn’t it convenient how they always schedule the car show during Father’s Day Weekend?  How can you ever say no to accompanying your husband to this event when it’s his official weekend to pick the schedule?

I’m making it sound worse than it really is.  I actually LOVE going to the car show!  But for different reasons than Jon.  He goes to study and appreciate the paint, the wheels, the loud engines and the detailing.  I go to enjoy the ambiance, get some good people watching in and enjoy some friend food.

This year I wore my girly lace blouse, forgetting that I would feel out of place in doing so.  This show draws a crowd rich in shorty-shorts, tattoos, black and pink hair and man-tanks.  There are very few places I go where I feel too classy.  The car show is one of them.

Below are a few pictures from the day.  I would have rather posted some pictures of the interesting outfits or “costumes” I saw people wearing, but I felt too awkward trying to snap photos of people walking by.  I don’t like being a creeper.


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