Jon’s Version of DIY

A little while back I made a post bragging about Jon for creating a grill out of a metal pan and a cookie cooling rack.  Well, over the weekend he upgraded it.  And it’s really cool!

He took about four different things he already had and he put them all together to create a great little cooking/grilling station for our back patio.

He says that some people pay thousands of dollars for smokers that put that yummy smokey flavor into the meat.  But he has figured out a way to do it with this simple set up.  Once the fire is going, he places the grill grate (a piece of heavy duty metal grate from Home Depot) over the fire.  Then he covers the bottom pan with another metal pan which traps the heat and some smoke inside just like a BBQ would.  Genius.

Of course someday, I’m sure he would love to have a fancy shmancy grill.  But these days, we’ve got more important things to buy.  Like strollers.


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