A Road Trip, Ikea & A Good Book On Tape

The 4th of July weekend came at the perfect time this year.  All my ducks swam into a perfect little row; God bless those cute little ducks.

Last week when Jon and I realized that we had no 4th of July plans we set out to make some.  After a couple months of feeling tired and queasy, last week things began to change and my spunk started to return for the most part.  I told Jon,” I don’t really care what we do, but just get me off of this couch!”

After some talk about camping, we decided to head north to spend the weekend with some of Jon’s hometown friends in the coastal town of Anchor Bay/Gualala.  It’s a small vacation destination where divers congregate to enjoy peak scuba diving conditions.  Our friend Ryan’s parents have a cabin in the woods just up the hill from the ocean.  Ryan, his wife Kelli and their two daughters, Mc Kayla (2) and Emily (3 months) were headed to the cabin along with Ryan W. and his new puppy, Hayden.  A cabin with friends, a deck, hot tub, baby and puppy…what more could you ask for?

It was the perfect weekend getaway complete with homemade pizza, scones from a local cafe and The 3 Little Pigs record playing over and over and over for two year old Mc Kayla.  On Sunday night we ventured down the road to another small town along the coast that was hosting a street fair complete with fireworks.

Since we spent most of the 4th driving back to SLO, we decided (okay, well I decided) that we should have the ultimate American shopping experience: So we stopped by the Ikea in Emeryville to shop for nursery curtains and all those other random things around the house that I’d been jotting down on my mental checklist.  We managed to make it out alive after only 2.5 hours, which for Ikea, might by my personal record.  I wish I lived closer to an Ikea just so I could go eat at their cafeteria more often…and so I could shop there more!

Another great addition to our road trip: books on tape!  I’m slowly beginning to realize what a great resource the local library is.  A huge variety of magazines, books on tape, kid DVDs…for free!  So on Friday before we left town, Jon picked out a variety of books on tape for us to try.  The first few were a disaster.  I don’t recommend The Twilight Zone stories.  Maybe the narrative stories wouldn’t have been so bad, but we were listening to the dramatizations complete with cheesy sound effects and story lines that were hard to follow.  Next, we tried one called The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs.  I think it was supposed to be funny, but it ended up being extremely cheesy too.  After one disc we turned it off.

The real winner ended up being Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands.  It was cute that Jon picked this book out himself.  I guess based on the title what’s not to like about this book, from a man’s perspective?  Dr. Laura is known for being blunt and to the point and I have to say I liked it!  This book taught me a lot and reminded me of  some key things I learned during my season of engagement when Jon and I read For Men Only and For Women Only.  Honestly, I think I need a good dose of Dr. Laura every couple months or so because it’s so easy to just cruise in my marriage rather than be intentional about how I’m giving to and acting towards my husband.

So Dr. Laura set me straight on some things.  She has a way of reasoning with women in a way that they realize some of things they are doing and feeling are not only ridiculous, but sabotaging the very things they want so badly out of life.  So after a long drive home with Dr. Laura I feel refreshed and motivated to care for my husband in increasing measures.

Speaking of husbands and marriage, Jon and I are planning on going on a Family Life Weekend To Remember conference in November.  I’m really looking forward to that too.  One friend asked me, “Why are people nowadays so into books on marriage and marriage conferences?  People like my grandparents have a great marriage and I don’t think they ever read books like that or went to conferences.”

My friend has a good point.  However, times have changed a lot since our grandparents generation.  Sadly, marriage has lost it’s value to our society at large and even those that get married often adopt selfish and destructive attitudes and behaviors (oftentimes without even realizing it) that over time will ruin a good relationship with a spouse.  So I don’t know about everyone else, but I know that I personally need to be reminded of the ingredients for a happy marriage by people with more experience and wisdom than myself.

So here’s to a great 4th of July weekend, the second trimester and happy marriages!

OH, and I wish I had pictures to share from our trip!  We brought the camera, but we were having too much fun relaxing to use it.  Next time.


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