Ramona and Beezus

Last night I watched the adorable movie Ramona and Beezus starring Selena Gomez as Beatrice (Beezus) and Joey King as Ramona.  Jon had to work Farmer’s Market from 6-9pm and although I hadn’t been feeling good all day yesterday, around 3 pm I got hit with some lovely pregnancy side effects.  So I spent the evening at home on my couch with some Mac ‘N Cheese and a movie.

Luckily, I picked a rather “feel good” movie, which helped me to forget that I was spending yet another evening on the couch.  I suppose one positive thing about spending so many evenings curled up in my living room is that I am becoming well versed in many of the great prime time television shows on nowadays.  Seriously, there is something good on almost every night!  My favorites being So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Got Talent and Food Network Star among others.  So if you miss any episodes, just call me.  More than likely I can fill you in on what’s been happening.

Ramona and Beezus was especially cute considering that I remember reading the Beverly Cleary books as a kid.  It’s a heartwarming, funny story about two very different sisters and Ramona’s struggle to embrace her uniqueness and place in the family as a middle child.

I also really liked the movie because I recently saw an E! Special on the life of Selena Gomez.  (Like I said, I’ve been watching a lot of TV).  I didn’t really know much about her beforehand, except I kept hearing about how she’s going to be performing at the California Mid State Fair in August.  And of course she is dating Justin Bieber.  Poor girl, she says she gets death threats from jealous-with-rage tween girls.  Yikes!  But I love hearing stories of these talented kids, like Selena, who are so driven to become great actors, actresses and singing stars from such a young age.  It’s pretty crazy.

It was also just one of those all around family friendly movies where you don’t have to worry about the content.  Kids would enjoy it and adults would think it was sweet and entertaining.  However, I must admit that movies like this always make me wish that I was just a little bit nicer to my own little sister growing up.  Little sisters have it rough sometimes.


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