Cloth Diapers, hooray!

I don’t mean to plan ahead so much.  Really, I don’t.  I’ts just that once I start thinking about something, it eases my mind to be able to do what I need to do about it so I can simply move on.

When I was planning my wedding I didn’t understand why my friends/bridesmaids didn’t seem eager to help me with planning and crafts four months in advance.  It wasn’t until the month of the wedding that everyone seemed to gear up.  By that time, I was already on my honeymoon in my mind and the crafts were mostly done.

I’ve been trying not to do this so much with baby stuff.  Ya know, I’m doing my best to just go with the flow, despite my inner programming that tells me that I need to start preparing now.  What can I say?  I like preparing for stuff.  I like packing for trips a few days in advance.  I like buying economy sized packs of Q-Tips at Costco so that I’ll never ever run out.  And if it was up to me I’d have my baby shower next month just so I’d know exactly what else I need to acquire on my own.

On the other side of the spectrum, I’ve also been known to be ridiculously spontaneous.  I think spontaneous happens for me when I get super sick of planning ahead.  Makes sense, right?

Well, I did give into planning and buy one baby thing already…just because I couldn’t help myself.  🙂

Cloth Diapers.  My mom used them.  Jon’s mom used them.  I’m determined to use them in an attempt to save some money (oh yeah, and to save the planet too!)  They showed up at my doorstep on Saturday morning and I couldn’t stop admiring the glorious little pieces of fabric.

I bought one dozen infant sized prefolds (the prefold is the plain cloth diaper pictured above that gets put on before the diaper cover) and two dozen premium sized prefolds.  Little Lions sells them and sometimes you can buy them on clearance too.

I also ordered some diaper covers from Thirsties.  Actually, they are Thirsties brand but I ordered them from Green Mountain Diapers.  I ordered four size 2’s of the Duo Wrap and one size 1.  The great thing about Thirsties (according to my friend Kelli who told me all about them) is that because of the different levels of snaps going down the front of the diaper you can continue adjusting the size to fit your baby as he/she grows.  Therefore, less diaper covers to buy!  Size 1 fits babies from 6-18 pounds.  Size 2 fits babies from 18-40 pounds.

The trees pattern was my favorite diaper so I bought two!

Lastly, I bought four snappi fasteners from Cotton Babies.  They are easier to use than regular old safety pins and they hold the prefold diaper in place better too.

I’m excited to use cloth diapers, although I am planning on using disposable ones too for times like car trips when cloth would be less convenient.  Learn more about why cloth is great!

I figured I should share my findings, seeing as learning about cloth diaper options felt like researching for a thesis paper.  But to me, the extra effort will be worth it in the end.  All my purchases only amounted to $147.70 (including shipping).

$15.80 for the Snappi fasteners (Cotton Babies has free shipping)

$61.70 for 3 dozen prefolds
(each one can be used 100 -150 times before they wear out)

$70.20 for 5 covers

And the great thing is that I’ll be able to re-use these same diaper covers and snappies for baby number two!

Now, only six more months until I get to use them…


6 thoughts on “Cloth Diapers, hooray!

  1. We’ve been using the BumGenius 4.0 with snaps since baby girl was 2 months and LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! They’re great because they go from birth until they’re out of diapers. So far no issues. I never thought i would get so excited over cloth diapers but I really love using them…wish i would have started with Samuel.

    One tip if you plan to use re-useable wipes….just buy a few dozen plain baby washcloths. They’re cheap, soft and hold up great. I just get them wet before changes with water (there’s lots of wipe solutions out there you can make but water has worked fine). I still use disposible wipes for the really messy clean-ups 🙂

    Happy diapering! Can’t wait for the little Kidwell nugget to arrive.

  2. I don’t use diaper covers because the BumGenius are a pocket diaper, which means that the cover isn’t a seperate piece. You just put inserts into the diaper itself depending on how much absorbancy you need. So you have to wash it every time. I’ve heard that you should have between 8-12 diapers per child, depending on how often you plan to wash. Infants will go through way more than an older baby however.(probably about 10 a day) I go through about 10-12 in 2-3 days usually, then i wash. You can check out the BumGenius at Eco Bambino just to get an idea of what they look/feel like. They’re really helpful with tips and any questions too. But you can order online cheaper than in the store. I was given a bunch of FuzziBunz too which are also a pocket diaper. I think they’re pretty similar to BumGenius, but i don’t like them quite as well. There’s so many different kinds out there it’s kind of overwhelming.

  3. Congrats on your little one on the way!

    Avid cloth diaper-er here 🙂 Some unasked for advice, lol…If you are going the prefold and covers route you are probably going to want at least 4 or so NB/ size 1 covers for the newborn stage because of the prefold learning curve and runny newborn poo. It might escape the PF but won’t get out of the cover! If you want to get away with washing every 2 days, it’s also nice to have at least 2 doz diapers for the NB stage since they go through so many in a day (10-12) and sometimes they will wet a diaper as you are putting it on them!

    Also, try not to commit to one style, brand, ect, before your baby gets here since they all will fit slightly different on your child and you may find that you prefer one over another. It also makes for fun shopping! Check out’s Cloth Diapering group for tons of info. I’ve found that it’s a great place to ask questions!

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