Still On The Hunt For Modest, Fashionable Swimsuits

A little while back I posted about my Hunt For a Modest, Fashionable Swimsuit.  Well, today one of my best friends, Jessica Carroll, sent me a picture text of her new swimsuit and it was yes, modest, fashionable AND just plain stinkin’ adorable!  So I figured I would share her awesome find with you in case you’re still on the hunt yourself!

Jessica bought this suit pictured below.  It’s called the Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece in Red.  Long name.  It’s $89 from Mod Cloth.  Um wow!  Right?  The retro style reminds me of the character Senora Webster from one of my favorite childhood movies, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.  Classic.  

And the same style in Daze-y One Piece – Plus Size.

Some of my other favorites from Mod Cloth are the Bathing Beauty One Piece in Black.

Or the Bathing Beauty One Piece in Cherry Pie.

And then we have the Yesteryear Glam One Piece.  Although this one will cost you a bit more at $127.

So there you have it!  More modest, fashionable swimwear that will no doubt look good on many different body types!

Ya know, I’m starting to think I should get paid by these companies for promoting their products to all my friends, don’t you think?


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