Nursery Projects: Phase I

My weekend consisted of a paintbrush and a few trips to Home Depot.

On Friday after work I stopped by my friend April’s house to pick up a crib and bassinet that she’d had in storage for a few years. Then I went by Home Depot.

Then I went back because I changed my mind about paint color.

On Saturday Jon and I went to a little breakfast place called the Seaside Cafe & Bakery in Shell Beach with our friends Jon and Nicole.  We had an incredible breakfast of french toast with powdered sugar and fruit topping and roasted potatoes.  We’d never been there before, but it was the cutest little cafe complete with outdoor patio seating and a true family business feel.  In fact, a sweet ten year old girl (I think she was the owner’s daughter) brought us our food.  I’m already excited to go back with my mom and step dad when they visit in early October!

After breakfast and one more trip to Home Depot and the new Target, (not going to lie, it really is lovely inside that store) I finally got to painting!  And I spent the next 7.5 hours painting up and down and sideways and in between all those tedious little bars.

I watched three movies during this painting session including The Adventures of Winnie The Pooh.  So cute!  I haven’t seen that movie in forever and I’d forgotten how funny it really is!  Plus what else are you going to watch while you paint a crib?  Right?

The crib color turned out perfectly!  It’s a light gray called “Cement” from the Martha Stewart paint collection.  I’ll post a picture of it all finished once I can get some crib bedding.  In fact, it seems that me and Jon will be attempting to make our own crib bedding since I can’t really seem to decide on any of the overpriced ones I like online.  The only ones I really love are between $300 – $400.  Umm, no.  So we are going to sew something.   Neither of us know how to sew.  Hah, at least we have six more months.

Then on Sunday after church I decided to tackle the bassinet.  It was a lot easier since it was smaller and because I was just repainting white over white.  Father of the Bride II was the movie of choice during this endeavor.  Wouldn’t it be so strange to have your first baby the same time as your mother has her third?  Weird.  But cute movie.

While I was busy painting, Jon was also busy finishing up our giant chalkboard for the nursery.  We finally found something worthwhile to do with this over-sized frame that Jon picked up at a garage sale years ago.  It turned out pretty darn cute if you ask me!  And once our child is older it should be fun to play with.

I wonder if I will have time to do projects like these once I actually have the baby?  Maybe that’s why I feel like preparing as much as I can is a good idea – since I don’t really have any idea what my life will be like after my beautiful son or daughter arrives.

Phase I down.  Many more to go!


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