Olive Oil Spa

Ever since I met Jon he has been telling me that olive oil is the elixir of life.  When I drizzle some on my salad he will advise me to pour a little more on.  If my hands are dry he’ll tell me to go rub some olive oil into my hands.  He’s half Italian, can you tell?  I always thought his advice was a little over the top – kind of like the father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding who uses Windex as a cure-all.  But, I am now officially retracting all my previous judgments about olive oil.  Now I’m a believer.

The Egyptians, Greeks, Phoenicians, and Romans all took full advantage of this prized oil.  Olive oil is high in antioxidants, including vitamin E.  Antioxidants are nutritional powerhouses that protect against age-accelerating free radicals.  Mediterranean people today are still known for their radiant skin and great health due to a diet rich in fish, nuts, vegetables, whole grains and olive oil.

A couple months ago we started keeping a bottle of olive oil in our bathroom after I looked at a label of a popular belly moisturizing, stretch-mark preventing cream and discovered that the ingredients consisted of olive oil, some other kind of oil and added fragrance.  And it was hideously overpriced!  So I started rubbing olive oil all over my belly every time I got out of the shower, sometimes slapping some on my elbows, knees and ankles as well.

Some other olive oil beauty treatments include:

Nail & Hand Treatment
Soak your hands in a small bowl of olive oil and massage it into your nail bed.

Olive Oil Hair Mask
Heat 5 tablespoons of olive oil to a warm (not hot) temperature.  (Might need more depending on hair length)  Massage into hair until hair is completely saturated.  Cover with plastic wrap or a shower cap.  Leave on 30 – 90 minutes.  Then shampoo and condition as usual. (Don’t shampoo more than once because you want some of the olive oil to remain in your hair.)  An alternative hair mask: wisk two eggs into the olive oil before applying to hair.  I did this to my hair tonight since last week my switch back to blonde left my hair feeling like straw.  But one olive oil mask later and my locks are feeling moisturized and much shinier!

Pre-Shave or After Shave Oil
Jon rubs some olive oil into his neck before and after shaving to reduce razor burn.  It really works!  If you don’t like the smell you can add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil into the bottle to create a nice fragrance.  Sephora sells a one ounce bottle of this stuff for $14.  If you read the ingredient list of this pricey little bottle all it consists of is: castor oil, olive oil, fruit oil and fragrance.  Same idea can be used for women shaving their underarms or legs.  If you want to keep a bottle in the shower just make sure to pick up a all-purpose plastic bottle from the drugstore or Sally Beauty to avoid accidents with glass in the shower.

Ultra-Moisturizing Face Mask
If you have break-out prone skin I wouldn’t recommend much olive oil on your face although you can make an intense moisturizing face mask by wisking some olive oil, honey and an egg yolk together.  Then apply to the face.  Relax for 15 minutes while it works it’s magic.  Rinse with warm water.

Eye Make-Up Remover
Put some olive oil on a cotton pad to remove mascara and other eye make up.

Greek Goddess Bath
Drizzle some olive oil into your bath as it fills up to enjoy a moisturizing experience fit for goddess.  I like to add some scented bubble bath as well to make it smell prettier.  It will leave your skin feeling super soft!  Just be careful next time you step in the shower.  If you forget to swish it out with some dish soap you might encounter a slippery tub.

The great thing about olive oil beauty treatments is that you usually already have everything you need to do them somewhere in your kitchen.


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