Weekend Recap

It’s an overcast Sunday afternoon and I am sitting in the cutest little coffee shop in the cutest little touristy town between San Luis Obispo and San Fransisco: Carmel-by-the-Sea.  I am outnumbered by Europeans and well-groomed dogs by 10-1.  Jon is working on some calculus to prepare for his final next week.  I’m sipping a lovely vanilla latte and doing some reading in The Birth Book between thinking about what I learned this weekend in the documentary Food Matters.

Friday morning Jon and I drove up to Monterey, California to spend a couple days working at the Christian music festival Spirit West Coast.  The radio station I work for sent us and a few others to set up a booth and spend certain parts of the day and night talking with passerby-ers.  In our free time, we got to check out some of the music at the festival and explore.  Jon was excited to experience legendary guitar player, Phil Keaggy, and came back to the booth glowing from a musical high.  My favorite act was comedian Bob Smiley who really does manage to entertain while keeping it clean.  AND, on Friday evening we got to enjoy a fancy crab dinner at  Monterey’s Fisherman’s Warf after talking about it and salivating over it for the past three months.  Gotta love per diem money.

In the past week I’ve really started to feel this baby’s growth spurt taking place.  At certain times I can feel my muscles and ligaments starting to stretch and pull in directions they’ve never gone before.  And right along with them is my mood.  I wake up one morning feeling happy and refreshed and I wake up the next feeling exhausted and undoubtedly grumpy, for no apparent reason.

But of course it’s all been worth it and in just one short month we will find out whether we are having a girl or a boy!  It’s crazy to think that in another four weeks I will be halfway there.  Wow!

So this morning we enjoyed a lazy morning at the Comfort Inn in Monterey.  We actually got to say good morning to each other three separate times seeing as our room was right next door to the maid’s closet and to some people who got our room mixed up with someone else’s and came banging on our door at 7 am.  But hey, we were able to catch some Shark Week as we got ready so really, how can we complain?  Then we ventured over to Carmel.

Fun fact about Carmel: It is illegal to wear high-heel shoes without a permit.  This law was enacted to prevent lawsuits arising from tripping accidents caused by the steep, irregular pavement that lines the streets in Carmel.  Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve seen any high heels so far today.


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