4 Categories of Relationships

One of my co-workers is also the Family and Marriage Pastor at his church so occasionally, he will speak on a Sunday.  Last week, while he was still preparing his message, he shared the main points of his sermon with me.  The sermon was to be about relationships.  He said that so many times in relationships it’s not that we don’t know what we should do, it’s that we don’t do it.

All of us, whether we actually read our Bible regularly or not, know we are to be loving, kind, forgiving, and so on.  But much of the time, we choose not to do the right thing when it comes to relationships with people in our lives.

Erin, meet Conviction.  Conviction, why don’t you spend some time with Miss Erin here.

So, I have been challenged since last week, as I’ve continued to think about what he shared.  It’s such a simple message, but I think one that can always become extremely complex when we actually apply it to the context of our lives.

My coworker also shared with me that every relationship we have can be put into one of four categories:

Damage               Repair               Maintain               Grow

So last week I wrote out these category headings and put the name of every significant person in my life under one of them.  It was a helpful visual to see where many of my relationships were actually at.  I was encouraged to see how some relationships had made it into better categories over time and sad to admit to myself that some could be in different categories if only I was more willing to change and act on what I already know to be right.

So how about you: which category would you put your relationships in?  How about your relationship with God?  Your spouse?  Your kids?  Parents?  Siblings?  Friends?  Church family?  Extended family?  Neighbors?  Co-workers?  Pets?

Haha just kidding, maybe not pets.  But speaking of pets, I did have another incredibly vivid dream last night that involved me saving and caring for a baby chicken.  Pregnancy dreams are so weird.


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