Guest Blog: Jon Tells All

My husband Jon is really funny, and random, and genuine.  Did I mention, random?  So I wanted him to share some of his thoughts about having a baby.  Enjoy!

Since Erin started this blog earlier in the year, she’s mentioned me guest blogging on her show.  So here is my best shot at it.  My topic for today is:

“My thoughts today about having a baby-child”
by Jonathan Kidwell.

I have been waiting for the baby to come for years now.

2008 – Started dating my dream girl

2009 – Asked the dream of a woman to join me in matrimony

2010 – participated in a marriage ceremony in which I became the husband of one wife; Erin Janae Lockhert turned Kidwell

2011 – With the help of my loving wife, I initiated the growth of our first child

2012 – This baby-child will be born

So this is the reason I consider the last 5 years to be the best of my life.

But without further adoo, here are my results:



I do not plan ahead as well as Erin does.  She thinks of everything.  The one thing that I do want to plan is the name because here is how important it is:  In the next four months we will have to choose a name for this person that they might have for the next one hundred years!  And then if they are famous and/or have a legacy, this name could be associated with us forever!

Raising the little lamb in the 2010’s:

I think “educational” TV for babies is bologna.  I do not want our child to be trained in the most important stage of his or her life that you should look at a TV screen!  Now, when the child has learned how to play properly with us, with other kids, and by itself with some Lincoln Logs or, for a girl, a dollhouse and kitchen set….we will introduce Young Kidwell to television carefully.  I heard recently that the average kid watches his/her favorite movie an average of 40 times!  So it’s pretty ding-dang important what they watch!

The stuff that matters:

Did you know that Sunday School was started for underprivileged orphans in inner cities who had no godly parents to teach them about God?  Taking our child to church will be a great and amazing and consistent thing, but it is not a substitute for bible teaching in the home.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Later on:

It is very important to me that our children learn the value of a dollar.  I hope that we are able to establish consistency in this area so that our children will not feel entitled to material things but learn the rewards of dedication, hard work and discipline!  At the same time, I want them to be blessed!

The 25% factor:

Presumably one day I will walk my daughter (the current baby that’s on deck could be a boy or a girl) down the Isle proudly after approving of some fine fellow to have her hand and utter the words “her mother and I.”  Now our baby-children will in fact be 25% Italian by blood, but wont look any more Italian than I do, which is not at all.  There are a few “non-negotiable” foods that this child will love to eat, which will contribute to its health, long life, happiness, and culinary abilities long term.  These include, daily intake of Olive Oil, frequent consumption of fresh fish, garlic, fresh herbs, figs, avocados, red meat including lamb, and all other food groups in a balanced fashion.  We will work hard to avoid things like soda, dessert, sugar, processed crap, and white bread.  (Except when they sound good and then we will probably eat them.)

Most importantly:

I know that our child will grow up in a home that puts Jesus first, and where mom and dad love each other, and respect each other continuously.  Our child will see me treat their mom with love and respect and they will know that she is precious.  I have so much to learn and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of things wrong, but I know that this part will be uncompromised.

So until next time, assuming I lost most of you a while ago, lets make the best of our baby-children! Thank you, and good night…”click”





2 thoughts on “Guest Blog: Jon Tells All

  1. Love this!!! But I have to say that it is just as likely that your girl, should you have one, may love Lincoln Logs and Legos (my personal favorite.) All that being said, bravo for playing and family time over TV!! Bravo to no soda, sugar, and “processed crap.” You love Jesus, you’re funny and random, AND you’re Italian! (I am 25% Italian) Thanks for sharing your thoughts on having a baby child. You’re gonna be a great dad!!

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