Sleep Like A Baby

Lately, the Kidwells have been sleeping beside crackling camp fires, in the middle of rain storms and next to fields full of frogs and crickets…all from the comfort of our very own bed.  How, you may ask?  A little something called YouTube Repeater, that’s how.

If you have a laptop and preferably some of those $15 portable speakers, you can be sleeping in whatever setting your heart desires in just a matter of minutes.  Here’s how it works:

Go to You Tube.

Find a video with relaxing sounds.  My two favorites as of now are the crackling campfire and the rain storm.  I also like ocean waves.

Then, up in the URL bar simply type the word “repeater” after YouTube and before .com.
Click enter.

This will cause your video of choice to repeat all night long.  So not only will you fall asleep to the soothing sounds, but you will wake up to them as well.

Seriously, try it.  It’s nice.


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