Lots To Celebrate

In just one weekend, Grandpa Kidwell celebrated his 90th birthday with a big family party and Jon’s sister Renee got engaged to boyfriend Jake.  It all took place in Chico, California.  It was amazing to hang out with so much family in just one weekend!

Grandpa’s party included a slideshow of pictures from throughout his life and some loving words from friends and family.

The birthday boy, Don, and his lovely wife Helen

Jon helped out by cooking the chicken and the tri tip

Mia Siri, me, Laura Bogart, Gina Siri

The Chico gang

Some of the fam (Unfortunately, not everyone is represented in the pictures)

One of my favorite parts of visiting Chico, as usual, is that fact that somehow the Siri family manages to provide a steady stream of delicious food all day long.  About ten seconds after walking into the kitchen in the morning you’re greeted with a cup of coffee and a “What can I make you for breakfast?”  This Italian hospitality continues throughout the day and sometimes even into the night.  On our last night in town, uncle Dan fired up the BBQ at 11pm to make everyone some Mexican street corn which is BBQ’d corn topped with mayo, chili powder and lime. YUM!  I had the most energy I’ve had during any part of my pregnancy last weekend and I honestly think it was because I was well fed and hydrated the whole time.

Besides eating, everyone hung out in the pool, watched old family videos, and some of us even got to watch some of the cousins perform in their fifth annual Backyard Theatre performance.  Jon’s cousin Lucy developed the script for the murder mystery, her and a handful of friends do the acting and their parents help direct, manage lighting and sound and build the set.

Then on Sunday, after a lot of scheming and secrets, Jake’s proposal plan went off without a hitch!  Renee said yes so Sunday involved a second big family party to celebrate their engagement.

Ten minutes before Jake proposed



The happy couple

She had no idea it was coming

The custom ring that Jake designed himself


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