Slumber Parties & Insomnia

I’m in a very special time in my life.  And right now this special time includes the inability to get comfortable and fall asleep at night.  It involves Jay Leno, lots of tea and warm Ovaltine and cereal after midnight.

I’ve found that our living room couch is a whole heck of a lot more comfortable on my pregnant body than our bed.  So since Jon is awesome he’s also decided to ditch our bed and take up nighttime residence on a couch so I don’t have to sleep downstairs alone.  I never thought I’d be having slumber parties once I got married, but turns out it’s actually kind of fun to stay up late, sleep on the couches and fall asleep mid-sentence when the tiredness finally hits.

Actually, I’m probably going to hate our slumber parties in a few more days or so, but right now I’m just trying to see the positive in all this.


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