There’s A Fish In My Belly

I’ve gotten to the point in my pregnancy where I can feel little Cameron making some pretty big movements at times.  My favorite pregnancy story to tell so far is that the other day Jon put his cheek against my tummy to see if he could hear the baby…and about two seconds later, Cameron kicked him in the face…hard enough that Jon said “Ouch!”

Not sure why I’m so amused by that story, but I am.

One thing that Jon keeps asking me lately is, “What does it feel like to have a baby inside of you?”  This is my answer:


It’s like a little fish…at first, it is so tiny you can hardly tell it’s even there…

…and as it grows, sometimes you can feel it swim around and flutter…

…then, when it’s bigger it starts to bump into the sides of the bowl…

..and eventually, it gets big.  And at times it squirms like it’s a trout caught on a hook, fighting for it’s life…


That’s the best description I got.


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