Having A Birthday Pays Off

Of course there are all sorts of reasons to avoid getting onto store mailing lists, signing up for unnecessary credit cards and the like. But, if you put yourself out there responsibly, there can be some nice little paybacks.  This year for my birthday (the big 25)  I received four gifts from four major retailers.  And in my opinion, that is pretty cool!

I got a free bubble bath/body wash from Sephora that smells like vanilla birthday cake.  Yummm!  All I had to do for this was sign up for their Beauty Insider card which is free of cost.  Then, if I visit the store within two weeks of my birthday, I get a free gift.

I got a $15 gift certificate to Banana Republic which I used to my full advantage to purchase two clearance tank tops that are purposely a little roomy to accommodate my growing baby bump.  I received this because I happen to have a Banana Republic credit card that I can use at Old Navy, Gap, or anywhere actually.  Yay again!

I got a $10 gift certificate to Victoria Secret and I’m not even sure why.  I think I must be on their mailing list since the gift certificate came in the mail.  And I can actually tell you about what I bought there because surprisingly, I purchased a hair product.  I passed on the lace and instead bought a bottle of the most amazing hair serum!  I’m a bit of a hair product junkie and this serum smooths out frizzies and it smells SO GOOD!  This bottle of liquid hair love actually costs $14.99 so I did have to shell out five bucks for it – but still not a bad deal if you ask me.

I got a $10 gift certificate to World Market and bought…well, we actually bought a lot of random things on this trip.  BUT, my free item I picked up was this Honey scented hand soap and lotion set for my downstairs bathroom.  At World Market I am on their mailing list/insider-whatever which means I get a promotional email once a week with coupons.

All this free stuff just for being born!!!  What’s not to like!?


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