Better Blonde

About a month ago I was ready to shave my head.  After spending 4.5 hours in a salon where they color stripped my hair, then dyed and highlighted it back to blonde, my hair looked like orangish straw.  It felt dry and crinckly when I touched it and the orange…ah, what can I say about the orange???  Although impossible, I wanted to go back in time and claim my hair virginity back.  Back to the days when my hair was pure and natural.  But since that would take me shaving my head and waiting about five years for it to grow back, I was frusterated.

While in Chico for Jon’s grandpa’s 90th birthday party, Jon’s brilliant cousin Nicole – a hair stylist in San Fransisco – told me I should try using purple shampoo.  So I did.  And it worked!  I’m not a scientist, but something about the purple cancels out any orangy or brassy color hanging out in blonde hair.  Although, she did warn me not to use it more than once a week or my hair might actually start to look a little purple.  Note taken.

I found this stuff at Sally Beauty and along with repairing my hair using intense conditioning treatments, my hair is actually starting to feel good again.  At this point my plan is to try and get my hair back to my natural color as much as possible just so I don’t have to deal with any hair drama as I try and adjust to becoming a new mom.


2 thoughts on “Better Blonde

  1. That’s the best stuff for the best price btw. Purple and yellow are opposite colors on the color spectrum…that’s why they cancel each other out 🙂 And she’s right, too often and you’ll end up looking like those sweet elderly ladies with the purple hair.

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